CNC Tool Storage
MAXIMUM storage in MINIMUM space!

CNC tool caddy
CNC Tool Caddy

The STOR-LOC® Tool Caddy offers mobility and is equipped with
your choice of six shelves - any taper.
54”H x 29 1/4” W x 27 3/4” D

CNC tool rack
CNC Tool Rack

When mobility is not needed, the taller STOR-LOC® Tool Rack holds even more tools. Equipped with your choice of eight shelves - any taper.
62”H x 29 1/4” W x 27 3/4” D

CNC Mini Tool Caddy
When space is limited, the STOR-LOC® CNC Mini Tool Caddy offers mobility and is equipped with your choice of four shelves - any taper.
38”H x 23” W x 27 3/4” D

CNC Center Insert
Increase storage capacity by adding CNC Center Inserts to your CNC Stor-Caddy®, CNC Tool Caddy or CNC Tool Rack.
STOR-LOC® offers a variety of choices for organization and storage of CNC tools. Each STOR-LOC® CNC tool product provides protection and security, helping
to get the most of
your investment.

CNC Tool Cart
The STOR-LOC® CNC Tool Cart is designed to deliver preset tooling to the shop floor. Includes roll-out tool decks, the CNC Tool Cart can accommodate up to 144 tool holders.
36”H x 23 1/4” W x 27 3/4” D

Computer Cabinet
Secures computer hardware while protecting it from from dust and chips. Includes roll-away keyboard drawer, roll-out printer shelf and ventilating fan with filter.

CNC Stor-Strip
Mount to machine or wall for point-of-use
3½”H x 28”W x 5”D

Combo Tool/Collet Stands
Combine tool holders and collets in one
bench-mount tray.
4”H x 12”W x 5”D
6”H x 12”W x 5”D

cnc stor caddy

The STOR-LOC® CNC Stor-Caddy® combines modular drawers with CNC tool shelves. Choose 1–3 drawers and up to 6 shelves.
54”H x 29¼”W x 27¾”D

CNC Tool Decks
Protect CNC tool holders by safely organizing your preset tooling.

Turret Tool Decks
Protect turret punches and dies by safely organizing your preset tooling.

CNC Shelves
Bring CNC storage to your workstation with CNC shelves.

Bench Mount Collet Racks
Mount to bench top for point-of-use convenience.
2”H x 16”W x 5”D

Modular Drawer System
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